Below you can find the  links for the publications of LabGel/UFABC since its establishment in March 2014. Papers with no free access can be requested by email. We will be pleased to share them!

Overview of the comb jellies (Ctenophora) from the South-western Atlantic and Sub Antarctic region (32–60°S; 34–70°W) 

A. Schiariti, M.S. Dutto, O.M.P. Oliveira, G.F. Siquier, F.A.P. Tapia & L. Chiaverano 

New Zealand Journal of Marine and Freshwater Research. Published online June 25, 2020.

Paper on the diversity and distribution of ctenophores along the coasts of Argentina and Uruguay.

Species of Lensia (Cnidaria: Hydrozoa: Siphonophorae) from southeastern Brazilian waters 

Eric Y. Nishiyama, Enilma M. Araujo & O.M.P. Oliveira

Zoologia, 33(6): e20160030. December 15, 2016.

Paper with taxonomic redescriptions and a key for the species of Lensia occurring in Brazilian waters.

Photography-based taxonomy is inadequate, unnecessary, and potentially harmful for biological sciences

L.M.P. Ceríaco, E.E. Gutiérrez, A. Dubois, O.M.P. Oliveira, et al. (+492 authors)

Zootaxa, 4196(3): 435-445. November 23, 2016.

Correspondence about a petition for the change in ICZN rules to avoid species description based only on the photographic record.

Census of Cnidaria (Medusozoa) and Ctenophora from South American marine waters

O.M.P. Oliveira, T.P. Miranda, E.M. Araujo, P. Ayon, et al.

Zootaxa, 4194(1): 001-256. November 18, 2016.

Paper about the faunistic and distribution of the medusozoans and ctenophores along all the South American coast.

Timeless standards for species delimitation

D.S. Amorin, C.M.D. Santos, F.-T. Krell, A. Dubois, S.S. Nihei, O.M.P. Oliveira, et al.

Zootaxa, 4137(1): 121-128. July 08, 2016.

Paper about a discussion on the validity of making description of new species without the deposit of voucher specimens in a taxonomic collection.

Phylogenetic analysis of the genus Lensia (Cnidaria, Hydrozoa, Siphonophora), based on the species morphology

Eric Y. Nishiyama, Guilherme C. Ribeiro & Otto M. P. Oliveira

Zootaxa, 4132(4): 493-508. July 01, 2016.

Paper about the morphological evidences used to reconstruct the phylogeny of the siphonophore genus Lensia.

Capítulo 9. Ctenophora

Alvaro E. Migotto & Otto M. P. Oliveira

In: Fransozo, A. & Negreiros-Fransozo, M.L. (Orgs.) Zoologia dos Invertebrados. Ed. Roca/GEN, Rio de Janeiro. p. 150-155. 2016.

Chapter of the textbook "Zoologia dos Invertebrados", with general information on the Phylum Ctenophora. Only available in Portuguese.

Nemopsis mianzani n. sp. (Hydrozoa, Bougainvilliidae), a new hydromedusa from central Chile

Otto M. P. Oliveira, Guillermo Feliú & Sergio Palma

Zootaxa, 3990(2): 296-300. July 24, 2015.

Paper about the taxonomic description of a new Bougainvillidae speces from Dichato, central coast of Chile.

First records of two lobate comb-jellies (Ctenophora) from the Pakistani coast

Shahnawaz Gul & Otto M. P. Oliveira

Check List, 11(4): 1677. June 13, 2015.

Paper about the first record of two ctenophore species, Bolinopsis infundibulum and 

Ocyropsis maculata, for the Pakistan coast.

Ctenophores from the Oaxaca coast, including a checklist of species from the Pacific coast of Mexico

Fernando Ruiz-Escobar, Diana K. Valadez-Vargas & Otto M. P. Oliveira

Zootaxa, 3936(3): 435–445. March 20, 2015.

Paper about the taxonomic description of three ctenophore species from the Oaxaca coast (Mexico), with a checklist on the species recorded for the Pacific coast of Mexico.

Vallicula multiformis Rankin, 1956 (Ctenophora, Platyctenida): first record from the Indian Ocean

Amruta Prasade, Deepak Apte1, Purushottam Kale & Otto M. P. Oliveira

Check List, 11(1): 1544. January 2015.

Paper about the first record of the benthic ctenophore Vallicula multiformis in the coast of India. This ios the first record of the species for the Indian Ocean.

Horizontal and vertical distribution of mesozooplankton species richness and composition down to 2,300 m in the southwest Atlantic Ocean

Sérgio L. C. Bonecker, Adriana V. Araujo, Pedro F. Carvalho, Cristina O. Dias, Luiz F. L. Fernandes, Alvaro E. Migotto & Otto M. P. Oliveira

Zoologia, 31(5): 445–462. October 2014.

Paper about the faunistics and distribution of zooplankton from the Campos Basin region, off the coast Rio de Janeiro state. It include the analysis of samples collected in five water masses, up to 2500 meters deep.

Beroe gracilis (Ctenophora) from the Humboldt Current System: first occurrence of this species in the southern hemisphere

Otto M. P. Oliveira, Guillermo Feliú & Sergio Palma

Zootaxa, 3827(3): 397–400. July 4, 2014.

Paper about the taxonomic description and first record of the ctenophore Beroe gracilis for the Chilean coast. This is the first record of the species in the Southern Hemisphere. 

First occurrence of Beroe forskalii (Ctenophora) in South American Atlantic coastal waters, with notes on the use of macrociliary patterns for beroid identification

Otto M. P. Oliveira & Alvaro E. Migotto

Zootaxa, 3779(4): 470–476. March 18, 2014.

Paper about the first record of the ctenophore Beroe forskalii for the Brazilian coast, including a discussion on the use of the macrocilia patterns as an important taxonomical character to determine and identify species of the genus Beroe.

For the former papers of Prof. Otto M. P. Oliveira, published before the stablishment of the LabGel/UFABC, please visit his personal page at Research Gate.

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